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No longer lack of the power & speed in your striking. Increase your internal energy source by practicing step by step martial arts.

Self Confidence

Training consistently will form a strong foundation for your technique, build good habits and improve your focus and confidence.

Balanced Body

Understanding these principles will help you harmonize your training habits with your life habits and create a more balanced lifestyle.


Training consistently will form a strong foundation, build good habits and improve your focus and confidence.

Mental Focus

Unites these forces into a single system that works to produce the greatest amount of power with the least amount of effort.


Move towards an optimum physical, mental & spiritual state. Improve your well-being.


Longfei Yang is a master of internal ‘Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis’, having trained under Grandmaster Li Shusen—a 5th generation practitioner. He has also trained extensively in external Wu Shu styles, including the Shaolin “Iron Palm,” “Iron Fist,” ”Iron Body,” as well as Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, “the Drunken Fighter.” 

Featured in the media, including on US and South African television and martial arts magazines, Longfei Yang has directed martial arts action sequences in various films. Longfei Yang is the first master to establish a school of Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis outside of mainland China. 

After years of intensive training and traveling the globe, he is now a judge for international martial arts competitions to promote traditional martial arts culture and philosophy worldwide.



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This training is from an internal ‘Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis’ school of Kung Fu. This school evolved from Chinese Shaolin Boxing styles and in addition to self-defence can aid in prolonging one’s life.

The training is both, because in ancient times from where Kung Fu comes to us the two were inseparable. In all professions people used to calm their mind and practice breath techniques to perform well. So the training is going to be beneficial for gaining control of your body and reaction so you can choose the best course of action even in dangerous situations.

We are working on creating training for all levels of advancement. The current training teaches the fundamentals required for all further levels of mastery.

This of course depends on one’s level of proficiency. Recently there have been news reports about various Masters getting defeated by amateurs in China. This is a result of what’s known as the Cultural Revolution, a systematic purge that occurred in the 1960’s. The Cultural Revolution has unfortunately disrupted the passing down of secrets and true skills from ancient lineages in all aspects of China’s life: martial arts, religion, education and the arts. But luckily there still are authentic and truly effective practices been passed down to a select number of practitioners. These people often adhere to traditional beliefs of modesty and controlling one’s competitive nature, so they seldom show off their skills on a wide scale. So a true and skilled Kung Fu practitioner will perform quite well in combat.

There’s no recommended age. The training is for everyone from small to great and the movements are very accessible to different levels of flexibility and mobility.

You can definitely learn the key movements and principles through a self-guided online training like this one. However in order to gain mastery you would certainly want the teacher to observe and correct you. We are looking into potentially offering live group sessions with Master Yang in the future. Please send us a note if that’s something you’re interested in.

The two martial arts are the most popular ones in the world. Karate comes from Japan and is a somewhat newer form of combat sport. Kung Fu is from China and literally means ‘skill obtained through hard work’. While karate involves a lot of close contact fighting, Kung Fu covers a broader domain including coordination of mind and body.

The course provides a training for how to kick, punch and hit for self-defence purposes. So please use your newly acquired skills wisely! And of course if you’re in a situation where you have to use these skills, the outcome will depend on how well you’ve practiced those moves and their application in real life.

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We are proud to guarantee all courses, you can ask for a refund up to 7 days after purchasing the course.

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