Master Longfei Yang

Master Longfei Yang  楊龍飛

Master Longfei Yang started his training at the age of 6 in the Hohhot (Inner-Mongolia) Wu Shu team discipline of contemporary Wu Shu. This early training included forms, weapons and fighting skills. He also studied Tai Chi Chuan and “pushing hands” under his grandfather, Yang Jian Jiou, a traditional Chinese doctor and general of the Taiwanese army who had a strict and intensive daily regimen of training.
He then started focusing on hard external Wu Shu styles including the Shaolin “Iron Palm”, “Iron Fist” and ”Iron Body”. He also studied extensively Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, “the Drunken Fighter”.
After years of intensive training, Master Longfei Yang’s knowledge in martial arts matured and he began developing himself internally in order to understand his body and develop internal power, raising his skills to a higher level. He trained in the internal Seven Star Praying Mantis under Grandmaster Li Shu Sen, a 5th generation Shan Xi practitioner. In addition, he studied under Master Dong Xi Shen, a 20th generation Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan teacher.
Master Longfei Yang is the first certified instructor of Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis to establish a school of martial arts outside of mainland China.
He has made many appearances on South African and US television, as well as in Black Belt and several other magazines. He has appeared in and produced various instructional videos, directed martial arts action sequences in U.S. and Canadian films, and has written several books including A Gateway to Chinese Martial Arts. He has served as a judge in international martial arts competitions
since 1999. In 2009, Master Longfei Yang won the “2nd International Traditional
Chinese Martial Arts Competition”. In South Africa, he was known for his full-contact fighting and Bodyguard training classes. He’s even personally been a bodyguard for a Michael Jackson concert. Master Longfei Yang served as Chief Instructor for the 1998 award winning National Kung Fu Team in South Africa.
Since 2005, Master Yang Long Fei has been teaching in New York City, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. In 2008, he founded the Xin Wu Men Martial Arts Association to further his goal of promoting Chinese culture and philosophy internationally. He is also currently a judge in the NTD International traditional Martial Arts Competition.
Presently, he is actively spreading the culture of traditional Chinese martial arts in a multitude of ways. Besides his regular martial arts classes, he has developed a personalized tai chi technique which benefits health for the seniors he teaches at senior centers in and around the Tristate Area. He has also been involved in healthy lifestyle workshops for cancer patients using traditional Chinese healing exercises at Gilda’s Club NYC. He also regularly visits and teachers throughout Central and South America. Private and group classes are also available.
A feature length documentary is currently in progress starring Master Longfei Yang, focusing on his travels to a hidden temple deep in the Amazon rainforest of Colombia to train kung fu students for an international Martial Arts Competition.


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